Recreational and Newcomer Participants

This event is for everyone, so don't let the championship title scare you. 

Whether you are out for fun or for a walk there is a course for you including if you wish to try the course with a friend or two or as a family group.

The Open classes allows you to register for non-competition courses and experience Manitoba's finest sandhill terrain. You pick courses to match your preferred speed, length and technical difficulty. 



Registration via 2mev Interpodia is open.  

Registration link: Register for WCOC 2024 

Please register early as it helps the event planning team. Thank you. 

The registration site includes courses and classes as well as event officials. 

Who's coming

Use Attackpoint to add your name and see who's interested. 

Who's Registered

Thursday Evening Fun Event

Friday Morning Fun Event

Saturday Morning Championship Sprint 

Saturday Afternoon Championship Middle

Sunday Championship Long

Holiday Monday Morning Fun Event

Pricing, see the Registration site for more information including Early and Late (Sep 4th - Oct 3rd) pricing. 

Early (before Sep 4th) is listed here. 

Adult and Junior (participants under the age of 21)

Three Pre & Post WCOC Events. Per event:

Fun for All.

Junior cost $5, per event.


WCOC Championships Events, Sprint, Middle and Long (Canada Cup sanctioned). Per event:

Junior cost $20/$30/$35, per event:


WCOC, Extened, Package Pricing 

All events and banquet included

(3 fun events, + model and 3 Championship events, as well as Banquet). Package pricing:

Junior cost $120, package pricing.


Banquet, per person. 

Junior cost $35, per person.

Under 13 years of age $20. Under 5 is free.

Regular or Vegetarian option.


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